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Skin is the important part of the human body. It functions as the protective cover of the body. Like the other parts of our body, even the skin can get infected by the cancerous cell. Skin cancer can be of different types such as SCC (Squamous Cell Carcinoma), Melanoma, Neuroendocrine Carcinoma, BCC (Basal Cell Carcinoma). These different types of cancer are named depending upon the particular part of the skin in which they affect.

Cancer of skin can be caused due to constant contact with chemicals and sunlight exposure. There are other risk factors such as aging, hereditary, fair skin that become red when expose to UV (Ultra Violet) rays, and usage of sunbeds and sunlamps. It is important to be aware about skin cancer signs, as cancer is disease that can get cured if detected at an early stage. You can save a life by knowing about its symptoms. Pointed and hard structure on the surface of your skin, itching of skin, bleeding, crust development, patch of skin becoming tender, waxy skin surface, reddish spots on the skin, depression of skin at various spots, and occurrence of a bulge on your skin are some of its common symptoms.

Some of the skin cancer treatments are cryotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, topical immunotherapy, and topical chemotherapy. Skin cancer prevention can be done by wearing sunglasses to cover eye and the area around it, covering your body from excess exposure to sunlight with suitable cloths, avoiding exposure to sunlamp and sunbed, avoiding exposure to chemicals, wearing hat to cover your head, and avoid going out in the sun in the afternoon.
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